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Strange Facts about the Human Body

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Here are the List of Strange facts about the human body. We have collected a small list of interesting facts. In our Human Body a variety of secrets and strange facts are available. 

Strange Facts about the Human Body
Strange Facts about the Human Body

Strange Facts about the Human Body

  1.  Human brain utilizes more than a quarter of the oxygen worn by the human body.
  2. Your heart beats around 1 Lack times a day, 36500000 times a year and over a billion times if you live beyond 30.
  3. Red blood cells take oxygen around the body. They are created inside the bone marrow of your own bones.
  4. The color of a human’s skin is identified by the intensity of pigment melanin that the body produces. Those with small amounts of melanin have light skin while those with large amounts have dark skin. For simple understanding: Melanin Low: Light Skin (White)Melanin High: Dark Skin (Black)
  5. Adult lungs have a surface part of around seventy square meters!
  6. Humans have a stage of sleep that features rapid eye movement (REM). REM sleep makes up around 25% of total sleep time and is often when you have your most bright dreams.
  7. The Teeth count of Most Adult is : 32
  8.  The smallest bone found in the human body is located in the middle ear. The staples (or stirrup) bone is only 2.8 millimeters long.
  9. Your nose and ears continue growing throughout your whole life
  10. Childs blink only once or twice a minute while adults average around 10.
  11. As well as having unique fingerprints, humans also have unique tongue prints.
  12. The left side of your body is controlled by the right side of your brain while the right side of your body is controlled by the left side of your brain.
  13. Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria; they won't help in fighting off a virus.
  14. It takes the body around 12 hours to entirely digest eaten food.
  15. Your sense of smell is around ten thousand times more sensitive than your sense of taste.

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